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recommended times and temps please.  First time, marinating now.

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Temps depend on how you want it done. 


Rare: 120° - 125°
Med rare: 130° - 135°
Medium: 140° - 145°
Medium well: 150° - 155°
Well: 160° and above


Hot smoking is best and safest when the internal smoker temps are kept between 225-250*.  You can smoke hotter if you want a faster result, but the smoke penetration will be limited as the outer proteins tighten up on the meat.  Low and slow is always best.


Cook times vary with the meat itself, even with the same cut and size from smoke to smoke.  We have a saying around here: "It's done when it's done."  In other words, it's done when it hits the desired temp.


Don't forget the pix for the Q-view!!! 



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