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Mellowing extra sharp chedder cheese?

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Hi all, I am new to smoking cheese, cut a 1# block into 5 strips, cold smoked with apple wood 3 hours, turned out good but just alittle strong.  I am wondering what aging it after smoking it does. The flavor is good, just alittle too smokey.  Will letting it sit mellow the smoke flavor?  I think it is fine the way it is, but I will try a piece every few days to see the difference

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Give it 2 weeks if ya can and it will mellow out nicely, or so they tell me. The best I ever did was 1 week and it was gone.

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2 week aging in the fridge without fail. Every time.  We wrap our blocks in foodsaver bags.  Your patience will be rewarded!


If it's still too smokey for your taste, cut back on the smoke time in the future.

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You really don't need to cut blocks apart, even bigger than 1#. The trick is to let them mellow for at least two weeks in the fridge. I have some coming up on there 1 year anniversary and still looking great. icon_cool.gif

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I always use 4 coals in my char griller and put cherrywood chips on them for about an hour and a half to two hours. adding more if I half too to keep at 60 to70 degrees. last time i smoked for three and a half hours and wife and kids thought it was to smokey, next time i will smoke for three and a half hours  (this is after 2 weeks)

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