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braunfel smoker

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Couldnt resist this braunfel smoker. Picked it up for $50 in exellent condition on CL. well built from TX. looks like it has been garage kept. The guy I bought it from said it was about 10yrs old.I have been slack with my smoker/freezer build, I hope this wont slow me down even more.



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Good buy congrats

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Great Find those are good smokers...

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nice find.............

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Wow awesome find!  Good for you!  Isnt it funny what some people just want to give away because its in thier way.



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Great pic of my old "trusty rusty"

Put out a whole bunch of good smokes from one exactly like it .

 Make sure and do the stack mod and the baffle to it.

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hey eman, sent you a pm

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