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this is the first time i can remember it snowing on Xmas day

we get very little snow in jan and feb

but there is about 2in on the ground now and still coming down

snow.jpgyahoo.gifsnow 2.jpgsnow 3.jpgsnow 1.jpg

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Sounds like its gonna make it a year to remember.


Last year was the year to remember for me, we spent 72 hours between the two of us plowing the day before the day of and the day after x mas.

Its good money but its a drag to miss all the x mas fun. I think it was more snow then we had ever had on or around x mas.


Have a great day and be safe if ya venture out.

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Very pretty,its snowing here also but not sticking,kinda bums the kids out.they want to go out and play for 5-10

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Mississippi Snow Storm!  eek.gif


That ought to grind everything to a halt!  wink.gif



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That be right perty Mudduck.  I can imagine folks down there gonna have a tough time with that.  We got another 10 inchs yesterday.  First week a winter an I'm tire of it already.  Over 2 feet on the deck.  Keeps this up an gonna run outa room fer it.


Yall be carefull down there an enjoy yer white Christmas with family an friends.

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sure looks pretty!  we've got our usual winter wet and windy.

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That would be perfect as long as you don't have to get out in it other than to play. Hope ya'll are having a Merry Christmas

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Man oh Man that looks awesome and really pretty too. Now if you could only get a picture of your smoking smoker and all that snow it could be the SMF postcard of the year for sure.

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Hey! It could happen


Hell froze over.pdf


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