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While looking around a used furniture store the other day I came across an old food warmer box.  It dimensions are 6ft x 2ft x 2 1/2 ft. it is stainless steel however the doors and walls are insulated and has some sort of sealant strip on the doors.  The racks inside are aluminum the top is open and would have to be closed in.  It has two vents on the doors on the front side that can be manually openned or closed.  When originally used the temp inside would maintain 200 degress.  I wondering should I try to strip out the insulation before trying to go any further. What do you think?  If I used an electric heating element and control would the element be too small for such a big box. All ideas are welcome.Smoker 2.jpg

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Unless the insulation is exposed inside the box, I would say to keep it in place.


The MES is insulated, and that helps it maintain good even temperatures.

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Looks like a great project to me. As Dale said the insulation would probably be fine since it was made to get warm.

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