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Traveling Turkey

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I am gonna smoke a turkey.  then I have to take it out of town.  Will it stay good if wrap it in foil and a towl and put it in a cooler?  Who long do I have hours wise?

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I have kept them for 4hrs in a cooler and it was still hot!

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I've kept pork butts in a cooler for 7 hours & they were still above 160 degrees. I think they will drop about 5 degrees per hour if they are wrapped well in foil & towels & in a good cooler. As soon as you take it out of the smoker get it wrapped & in the cooler. For the first couple of hours it may go up in temp., then slowly start to cool.

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Don't know how far yall gotta go, but, take 3 er 4 dry clean bricks, wrap in foil an put in yer oven an warm em up.  Put a piece a cardboard with a towel over it on the bottom a yer cooler, put the bricks in.  Bird goes on top a that.  Buys ya some extra time.

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Now I would say that the bird should be alright for 4-5 hours. Then Tip ( Travcoman) has a great idea and I'm gonna used that one nexttime too.

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What I have done in the past is pre warmed the 5 day cooler with VERY hot water, close to boiling. I then added a couple layers of towels on bottom added 4 red bricks warmed in 200 deg oven wrapped in foil, and covered them with norther towel. Wrapped the turkey in 2 layers of HD foil placed in throw away roaster put in cooler and packed cooler with more towels. We went 6 hours from home and when we took turkey out is was still above 140. Hope that answers your Question.

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