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I will be smoking a fresh ham, and was wondering if anybody can tell me what temp and how long to smoke it for?

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A fresh ham or even a ready to eat ham can be done like any other large hunk of pig.  I like mine to smoke at 225 until it reaches an internal temp of about 155 at which point I'll pull it and wrap it to rest.  During the rest it should easily slide up to about 160 internal which is when it's time to slice away!


Time will be of little concern as you want to allow it enough time to reach that internal temp slowly and some will take a lot longer than others.  Still, you can expect it to cook at a rate of about 1.5 hours per pound.

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Is this a cured ham?

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no it's a fresh ham from the butcher


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If it has not been cured it will taste like pork and not like a traditional ham

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Thanks for the tips guys! The ham turned out good, I think it could have cured for awhile longer but it still turned out pretty well.

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