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I am going to try Tips brine this year and will inject the breast.  The brine calls for a gallon and a half of water and all of the seasoning.  I am pretty confident that the gallon and a half won't cover my bird.  If I do three gallons of water do I need to double the rest of the recipe or will that make it too salty?  I am alittle gun shy because I have ruined a holiday bird before and this is my redemption song.

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Ya can make it upta 2 gallons fine, I use a 3 gallon icin bucket fer brinin most birds an thus ya don't have alot a waste.  If yer gonna gota 3 gallons, just double the recipe.  This be a low salt brine anywho, so no worries there.  By doublin the recipe yer still keepin the same seasonin proportions.  You could make this by the hundreds a gallons an as long as ya keep the percentages the same, the strength a the brine won't change none.


I put a heavy china plate on top a the bird ta help hold em under the brine to.

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