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Some more Roasts that I had to show you guys




 And today I made the masterpiece

A whole 7 bone standing rib roast. I doubt anyone will buy it but I just had to do it for the wow factor in the case!







 Thanks for suffering along with me!



that is just wrong to hurt me like thatBeating_A_Dead_Horse_by_livius.gif lol

they look great 6.99 here

had to have a 11 pounder

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Man-look at the marbling in that meat!!! Like Pops, I remember my Dad ordering extra front quarters just so we could have a supply of standing rib roasts for those customers that were in the "know".  A lot of our standing rib roast orders came from the local grocery store.  Seams that they could keep up with their orders so they would send some customers our way.

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A store near me has Angus choice whole boneless ribeyes for $4.99; they average about 15#.  They also have the same with the bone in, also for $4.99; they average about 20#.  I emptied my wallet but filled my freezer - seems like a fair trade to me.

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Yup, that's exactly what we have ordered for Christmas dinner, here's a pic or two of past ones:


Copy (2) of Christmas05 002.jpg


Copy of Christmas05 001.jpg


Copy of Christmas05 008.jpg


Christmas07 043.jpg



Are ya hungry yet?

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Mark could ya bring that 7 bone one over to my house for me. I'll pay for the roast but not the delivery charges except with beer and food ROTF.gif  I ended up with a 13 lb'er for Christmas day and a couple others for the freezer and they looked good but not that good

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Those pictures are enough to make a vegetarian drool!biggrin.gif

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