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Ham Question

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I reviewed Jeffs newsletter from last year regarding smoking a pre cooked ham.  However he mentions that his is spiral cut.  The one I will be smoking is not spiral cut, but it is already cooked.  Am I going to have to smoke quite a bit longer to get this thing done for Christmas dinner?  Its just under 10lbs.  Planning on rubbing and then finishing with a glaze.  Probably going to use hickory.  Although a friend just gave me some pecan wood.  But don't know how pecan would do with ham.  Any thoughts on that?

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If it is already cooked, then you'll just be warming it up, along with your glazing process. If you have a choice of wood, I'd use the traditional hickory. It's all good my friend. 

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Just as said your only Reheating it! Couple good hours ( watch the hickory) let it rest then slice her up& don't forget the qview:icon_biggrin:
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I haven't smoked a ham but I have been experimenting with pecan wood lately. Best way I could describe it is as a light hickory. A little too light for my taste but not bad at all. Good luck with the ham.


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Heat it to an internal of 135° to 140°.

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