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snack stick recipe?

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Hey guys..well my son and i were blessed with an Excellent bow and gun season this year...between the two of us we took 5 deer this season.


Now that I have plenty of venison burger in the freezer, I'd like to make some snack sticks.  I've tried a "box" recipe that really didn't taste like much..and am just looking for a good recipe that is both sweet and spicy.  I am going to be stuffing this into 19mm collagen casings and smoking it at 200F


Anyway..if anyone has some good venison snack stick recipes that are "tried and true" please let me know



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Yep, I will be watching this one closely as well, as I too had A good hunting season this year. Just got A kitchen aide standup and breakfast kit with the grinder and stuffer.

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I have used a spice mix from AC Leggs that is really good. You can buy then at columbia spice. 

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