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Has any body used stubbs all natural briquettes,  I have a char griller smokin pro and use ro lump but walmart ran out, so i picked up some stubbs. Just wondering about ash amount, clean burn and how long of burn time compared to kingsford

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Take a look here. 

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   Fpnmf,   I did not see stubbs briquettes on nakedwhiz,   it was a long night thou, i wish i could see

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As with any briquette, ash build up will be a problem. However, I consider the Stubbs briquettes the best I have ever used, FWIW.

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Definitely less ash.  Kingsford, etc. use a lot of binders (clay, I believe).  I want to buy heat and flavor, not dirt!  Hardwood lump is more expensive, but you get more bang for the buck.  Comparing prices based simply by weight can be like comparing apples to oranges.  Hardwood lump great, but burns hotter in most cases, so be mindful of your temps.

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Used Stubbs a couple time past summer when I bought a couple broken bags at Home Depot. They worked well.

I'm a big fan of Wicked Good lump and their Weekend Warrior Blend briquettes mixed together. Burns hot, long and clean. Search online for their info.

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Thanx for the info

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