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Not very pretty but very Tasty

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Well thanks to Keith, aka Bassman, and his starter I made my first loaf of bread in probably more the 20 years. Like the title says not pretty but it is/was frickin delicious. I can't wait to do another batch and make a tasty AND good lookin loaf.

Thanks, Bassman!!!




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Im jealous. Looks great

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Looks great, can't say that I would turn it down based on looks.


Nice work.

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Looks good from my front porch, I can almost smell it

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Bassman got me started as well.  Great guy, and the family is loving the waffles and pancakes!  Keep up the good bread work!

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bread looks great, I have starter working now for waffles in the am.  Bassman blend here too

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Looks good, Dan!  You must have found a warmer spot for the starter.  Keep using and replenishing it and it will continually get better. 

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