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Leftovers in the fridge

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Had some leftovers, so I figured I'd put them together for dinner



Damians birthday brisket 018.jpg


Had some Meat Loaf, Tater Tots, Bacon, and Mashed potatoes


Damians birthday brisket 017.jpg



mixed the Meat Loaf with some mushrooms and C.O.M. soup


Damians birthday brisket 019.jpg


Layered it with some corn, the tots, mashed potatoes that I mixed the bacon into, and covered it with some shredded sharp chedder. I'll bake it later.

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Congrats on making some great comfort food. 'Tis the season. It's all good my friend.

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I'm guessing that will be great. At least I would love it. 

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I could definitely go for some of that! I'll bet it's tasty

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Aw Man!

I too am a Master of leftovers---I could love some of that stuff.

That's gonna be great. 


I used to get a little ticked off, when I was two or three days behind the rest of the family in meals.

My wife kept cooking, and she & the kid kept eating the fresh stuff.

I'd keep eating the leftovers!!!!

Finally I told her, "Hey---How 'bout letting me catch up, so I could see what a fresh meal tastes like".




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That looks and sounds great. I really dig the Superman placemat too. I thought I was Superman when I was a little boy and I must confess I still enjoy him now.

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That does sound and look good

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Looking great, I like to call it lunch at work. No Mickey D's or Red Headed step children for me.

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what is this baking you speak of. my smoker would be offended with the exception of puff pastry dishes

wich have been showing up by some awesome cooks .... nice job by the way.

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