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Need help with spice conversion

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Im going to be grinding and stuffing today. Trying to figure out how much of the spices to add as per the recipe. Recipe is for 11lbs of meat, spices are in grams. Trying to see if there's a list of spice weight to volume conversion. So I can see how many tsp/tbsp of each to add. Any help?

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I have a good one on my smart phone but will have to look around a bit on the web to fine one. I'm sure if you google you will find a ton of pages. 

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It's difficult to do a weight to volume conversion because some spice brands may be ground differently from others. Therefore a teaspoon of one may weigh 30 grams while a teaspoon of another could weigh 45 grams. Salt can be especially bad for this, as can pepper and sugar.


I have herbs and spices in equal jars by volume but the weight ranges from 3 grams to 80 grams.

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This should work I think.

Wow, that's cool, I've never seen that before.

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That's a great site! Too bad they don't have nutmeg and caraway in the list, two of the spices I'm looking for. Lol
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