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First time in the forum/roll call.  As I had posted looking for any advice  tips  or ideas on building a reverse flow smoker.  I have a 550 gallon tank.  I also have a 30 "  piece of pipe, it is 72 ' in length.

I am semi retired,  and plan to build this reverse flow, smoker.  I do my own welding,  may not have a steady hand as I once had.   I do plan to insulate this also.  That way I wouldn't have to check the temp every 15 minutes. 

These  are my plans, so any helpful tips will be much appreciated.

Looking forward for all replys, thanks  smokerb

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WElcome to the site, Glad you decided to check it out. There are several builds happening as we type. WOW 72" of 30" pipe. Wish I had that.


Check out a few of the builds and let us know the basics of what you are wanting to build. There's enough of us here, I'm sure someone can help.


Good Luck.

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Welcome to the best smoking site on Mother Earth, SMF that is. It's all good my friend.

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