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experimenting with a rub

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2 2.8 oz cans of frenchies onions   <----next time i will use 1   2.8 oz can

3 tbl spoons garlic powder

2 tbl spoons chili powder

2 tbl spoons chipotli chili powder

1 tbl spoon mrs dash spicy powder

2 tbl spoons lemon pepper


dumped both cans of dried onions in a gallon zip lock bag and used a rolling pin to flatten down, added the rest of the seasonings and mixed bag really well.  spread mustard over ribs and applied the rub. 




i've been wanting to find some type of rub mix that was nice and hearty..think i may have found it..more q-view to come.

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Sounds interesting, looking forward to the results

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4 hours into the smoke with hickory chips at 230


4 hours in.jpg

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Looks like an interesting rub, luv to see how it turns out.

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I like the sound of that rub

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Looks like a great rub... How did they come out????

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the ribs have about another 1/2 hour in the MES 40..gonna share them with my time i might try 1 can of dried onions.. with the water pan filled up they were staying soggy. so for the past hour its been strait heat and smoke. hopping the sweet from the onions and the spice from the other items compliment one another.

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rave reviews from the neighbors..they LOVED them.  the knife went threw them like they were butter. i hit a bone and pulled it right out.  tender, juicy fall off the bone good.  has a nice bite from the spices, but 1 can of dried onions would have been enough.  i will do this again..that's for sure icon_smile.gif


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I like th rub and it looks interesting to. I might just have to give it try one day.

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I'm definetly gonna try this one! You may have started something redneck !PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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