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grupe, I didn't think about doing that, I may have to make myself one for mine. Looks like it will keep the wind off the flame. Did you up-size the regulator? I have been trying to get my temperature down under 150 deg, but haven't had much luck so far. What is the lowest temperature you can get? I wanted to try smoking some cheese and felt that if I go over 100 deg,  I will have a cheese melt on my hands. I think I'm going to invest in an amazing smoker and use it with no other heat source. Shoneyboy

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Shoneyboy - I haven't touched the regulator yet. Haven't really tried that low of temps either. Just ribs and a turkey so far so around 240. I am planning on doing a brisket this weekend. I will play with how low i can hold the temp before i put in the brisket as well. grupe

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