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MES Model 20070910 temp accuracy

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Hi all,


   Happy Thanksgiving. My turkey is in the smoker and hope to enjoy a great bird.

   I have a question of those who have this smoker with the digital temp/time settings. I found that the temp seems to be off from 15-25 degrees. The temp setting is at 225 and according to my Taylor 1470 probe hanging in the smoker the temp is actually 240-250 [depending on where the probe is located ]. Anyone else had this problem? I guess it is easy enough to solve ...just set the temp @ 20 +/- degrees less than  you actually want.

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Yes, not uncommon for the readings to be off.  My MES is off 15* against a Maverick ET-73.


Check both of the thermometers in boiling water and also water with ice.




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TJ, thanks for your note. I did smoke my bird, after brining overnight, @ 220 degree setting [ 12.5 lb for 5.5 hrs ] and  had better results than previous efforts. It took close to the anticipated time to cook and it came out with a nice crispy skin and very moist breast meat. I removed it from the smoker and foiled it and put in a cooler with towels  for 1.5 hrs then rested it sans foil for one half hr. then sliced it . It was still hot and the meat was enjoyed by all. The weight included the giblets and a gravy packet and the 8% injection ... if I took that into consideration I probably could have cut 1/2 hr off of the cook time and perhaps had a bit juicer bird?? who knows?



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