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If you have Menard's stores in your area they should have them. I can get hickory, mestique, cherry, and apple at the Menards here. I wish they would carry Pecan. I want to try that. Might have to order some up online.

Might want to try Gander Mountain, I saw some pecan there last night!

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Menards, Dunhams, wal-mart, almost all of them around here have apple chips.  I had a hard time finding apple chunks to use in my CGSP.  I bought some on ebay last summer.  I use primarily hickory and add a few chunks (or chips if I can't find chunks) of apple along with.

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It depends on where you live. Down here in florida the only place I have found apple wood is ACE™ Hardware!

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Pecan wood is also good for Poultry. If you have any Ace Hardware Stores in your area, I have seen Apple Chip there before.

 I just ordered some apple, cherry and pecan chunks from them, mine is now a Do It Best. Ordered online, they will ship to the store free. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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At the risk of stating the obvious wood grows on trees!! Every orchard in the world prunes their trees every year about this time. You could acquire a two year supply of apple, pear, and cherry in about an hour from the brush pile at an orchard. Also Bradford pear trees are everywhere on the east coast and when they get to be twenty years old they start to break up. The utility companies are constantly cutting trees back from the powerlines and leaving the cut logs where they fall. I have gotten maple, mulberry and oak from the right of way work. A four inch long six inch diameter section of mulberry will loose all the moisture it is going to in six weeks from a fresh cut.

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