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Calling all sausage heads!!

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I was searching around for a few things today and did find them but thought how handy it would be if we put our recipees in a central location. I will start with my fav deer breakfast sausage.


10lb ground deer mixed to your deer/pork fat ratio

4 tbsp salt (I like sea salt or kosher)

2 tbsp fine ground black pepper

4 tbsp rubbed sage

1 tsp ginger

1 tbsp nutmeg

1 tbsp ground red pepper

2 cups Ice water.


U may recognise the ingrediants I started with Rytek Kutas recipe dropped the thyme, upped the black pepper and sage to my taste.


I am looking for a proven chriso and brat recipe as well.

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Interesting idea. But we need a mod to create a sticky or a new forum for recipes, other wise they'll just vanish in a couple days like so many good posts do that don't get hits regularly.

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I second that and I wish there was one place for recipes of all types.

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It is an idea, great thing about were we live if it is not a good one we can pull the handle :)

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