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Beef/Pork Mixture Question

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When you mix Beef/Pork with your wild game such as Vension do you get trimming from a butcher and grind it yourself or do you just use ground Pork or ground Beef.


I am just looking for the best and somewhat cost efficient way of doing it.  



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I have done both pork/beef trim and ground meat but either way our venison is in cubes and we grind in the pork/beef mix to get the meat uniformly mixed. We usually grind it twice to make sure it gets mixed together good.

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If you're adding to venison, just get a pork shoulder and grind it yourself.  You should have about the right amount of fat from the shoulder, if you use it all and not trim off the fat cap.  Like I said in another post, I use an extra 10% of fat.


You can buy ground pork and I bet it's trim and pork butt.  You can also buy pork trim from a butcher, but why pay for waste?  Buy a pork shoulder and be done with it.  If you don't use all the ground pork, freeze it for the next time, or make some breakfast sausage.




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At the beginning of hunting season I go to the butcher and ask him to save me some pork fat and some beef fat. He will save some then sell it to me for 15-20 cents a lb. Then I just grind it in with the meat when I'm ready for it. Sometimes I will buy pork butts to grind into the venison to make some sausages

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The butchers up here think "Pork Trim" is a delicacy.  They get $1.40 a pound.




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I had one butcher try and sell me some trimmings for 1.00 a pound. I told him to pound this. So i usually just buy a pork shoulder and I get them for .89 to 1.05 a pound so go figure. I like the flavor that I get with the shoulder too.

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These guys sell suet for $1.99/lb up here.  I just ordered 1/2 a beef, and got 20# of suet for free, and why not....It's Mine!




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