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Brine Question

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Hey Everyone... I am brining my first Turkey this year... its a big boy 22 pounder... I am cooking in the oven (i know i know shame on me)... but here is my question... How long should I brine the bird for... i have searched the Internet and have seen sooooo many different times... I figured i would go to where everyone knows best.... good old SMF!


My Brine (in case you need it for the time period)

2 gallons of water

2 cups of kosher salt

2 cups dark brown sugar

2 whole onions

1 tangerine

1 hot cherry pepper



Pepper Corns


Please let me know how long the bird should sit in the Brine... I put it in at 7:30AM this morning b4 work... also i heard its good to let them rest a bit after the brinning process, is this true?

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i usually go about 12 hrs on the brine .

 If this a processed bird that has solution added ,i would cut the salt in half on the brine.

 it is ok to rest it.  won't hurt a thing.

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The larger the bird the longer the brine time. As far as I know the rule to brining is and hour per pound.

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Actually how long to brine depends on whats in the brine especially the amount of salt and acid in the brine.

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I am only doing a 4lb breast this year, boneless. I have done it in the past ( but don't remember if I brined the boneless version (I did brine a bone-in version, which is basically a turkey with the limbs removed.)


My question is:


Do you still brine a boneless breast that has "up to a 17% solution for tenderness" from the factory/mfr? Will it do anything? How does the brine (if possible) displace the solution already in it?

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I would not recommand that you brine it for anymore then the 12 hours like Bob (eman) said.

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One that big is best cooked in the oven anyway unless you are going to splatchcock

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