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Big Reverse Flow Slow Smoker

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I have 550 gallons tank that is 90 inches long,44 inches wide and is at least 3/8" or 7/16" thick.  Plus I have piece of pipe that is 72 inches long and is 30 inches wide and 3/8" thick.  I would like to make a Reverse Flow Slow Smoker.  I will be making whole hogs,pork butts,Brisket,Sausage Elk, Buffalo, what ever else. I would like to have it with 2 slide out racks. I was thinking to use some of the pipe for a warmer or all of it.  The other thing would you hook them togather or use separate heat for each one.  How many stacks does a man  need.  How big of fire box do I need I would also like to insulate the smoker & fire box.  What kind of insulation would I need it is round to keep it in place.  I am thinking of using 4 or 5 thermometers will that be enough?  If is possable I would like to keep temp at 220-225 for 5 to 6 hours with out having to baby sit it every 10 to 15 minutes. Any other infornation would be help full.  I do not want to make one and it will not work the way it should. Thanks in advance for the help.  I was looking for advice and help but looks like I will not get any.

 PICTURES  are posted  2010- 12-4 72x30 INCHES cylindar (1).jpg2010- 12-8 90 INCHES x 44 INCHES tank to be smoker (1).jpg2010- 12-4 72x30 INCHES cylindar.jpg


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First off welcome to SMF there B. Now your smoker sounds really nice and there's alot of really good folks here that will be happy to help you with your build. So kick back and they will be around some enough. Then as you wait for them run on over to Roll Call and introduce yourself and your equipment and we can give you the big howdy that we like to give to new members.  

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Were do go for Roll Call

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Originally Posted by smokerb View Post

Were do go for Roll Call


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smokerb "Welcome to SMF" .....Were are you located ??? The reason you were asking for help.......

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Shoneyboy  I live around Victoria Kansas. My email is . Part farm boy & Truck Driver I still have a silage truck .If you have question email me Larry

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I was hoping you were closer...I have been wanting to work on a project for a while and haven't found anyone of my friends wanting to to work on one.....can't motivate anyone to do anything.... these days.......everyone wants something but never wants to do anything to get it.....SB

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