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First Attempt at Jerky w/Q

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Here's a peek at my first batch. Did a small batch to see how the ol' fridge would do and I must say : Texture = Perfect   Seasoning = Good a little salty (cured 24hrs, maybe too long??)  Smokeyness = Perfect (Beechwood)   Sorry for the blur all had was my phone camera.   The toothpick method works great.  Thanks for lookin, John.



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looks great

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looks good.  if it was too salty you can always rinse it after brining for a longer period of time or soak it in water for 5 or 10 minutes.  what type of salt are you using?  I have found that regular iodized table salt has a much stronger salt flavor than using canning or kosher salt.  if you are going to experiement with the salt types make sure to measure your salt by weight not by volume (tablespoons etc) because the different typs of salt have bigger crystals and there for a table spoon of regular table salt will have much more salt than a table spoon of canning salt.  I made this mistake once because I was making several batches of brine and ran out of the canning salt that i normally use and use the same volume of table salt.  wow was that salty!!! 


just my 2 cents!

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The only "salt" was in the TQ only 1 TBs soy, ran under water before smokin.

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doesn't sound like you had too much salt in your brine/cure.  you could cut down the soy or, you might try a little sweetener to cut the salt flavor.  you can use brown sugar, molasses, maple syrup etc.  without knowing what was in your brine it is hard to say.


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Everything looks yummO to me.

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Oh' the next batch will get more tweaking but this a very good sucess for me. Thanks for the advice.

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I did a lot of experimenting with jerky this summer.  the best part was even the "bad" batches were still great eating. 


keep experimenting its all part of the fun!!

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