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smoking a rubbed turkey

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Well, its getting down to the wire for turkey day. Me and my wife have all our stuff standing by but I have a question about my bird. Its a 14lbs butterball bird with a 3% brine solution. The misses wants it rubbed with a McCormick herb rub and Im gonna smoke it. My question is, since its rubbed and brined in the standard issue brine, what wood would I want to smoke it with? I have hickory and apple, but I can get my hands on pecan if i need to. Those are the only woods I can choose from. Im thinking about smoking them the same way I do ribs, start with hickory and then end with some apple. Tips?

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I did a butterball turkey yesterday. Used Tip's brine and smoked it with hickory and apple the whole time and it was good. I used Lawry's perfect blend poultry and chicken rub also. Stuffed it with a onion, celery, and carrots. Very moist. Here's a picture:turkey final.jpg

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If it was me I would use the apple and some pecan mixed in if you can get it

Good luck

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I second the apple/pecan mixture, that is what I am going to do.


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Personally I'll probably go with straight Apple wood. The pecan/apple mix does sound good tho

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Thanks folks, guess ill have to decide between my apple and my buddys pecan sticks. lol. By the way, how should I set it up? Im thinking of having my fire on one side, a pie pan of water under the grill grates and the turkey on top of the water. This sound ok or am I missing a mark?

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I recently have switched to using maple and apple chunks on turkey, the flavor was positively Bon-A-Roo. It's all good my friend.

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I'm with Jerry again and I say straight apple would be my call. But if you wantto mix I would mix with pecan. Now I would recommand brining if you can even oif it's alrady brined. Use Tip's Slaughter House Brine.

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