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I am a multiple Yoder smoker owner.  I have to congratulate you as the one, and the only, person that I have every heard of, burning the pellet hopper, not once, but twice, in their Yoder cooker.  In all the forums, at all the competitions I have been to, and out of the thousands of Yoder pellet cookers that are out there, you are the only one that can claim this feat, not just once, but twice.  Glad your problem is now solved, believe me, so is Yoder's, your Yoder dealer's, and all of us Yoder owners.  Happy smoking!

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Just because you haven't been struck by lightning doesn't mean it can't happen.

Again, You Weren't There,  your opinion isn't based on fact.

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Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
... sometimes I long for the early days with my WSM.  For what it is, it's absolutely the best pit for the money anywhere, anyhow.  WSM is rock solid.  Add one of those electronic controls (guru or stoker) and it doesn't get much better. 


PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif for Grumpy (a year and a half ago).  I'm a Weber guy ...the WSM may not be perfect but at least it doesn't burst into uncontrollable fire.  wtf1.gif  I'd be VERY upset devil.gif if I spent that much $$$$ on a cooker and it burst into flames!  duel.gif

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Worst case for a UDS bursting into flames is that it's a great burn barrel already! MS you were more patient then most of us would have been.
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After some initial success with my Yoder, and patching software (firmware), swapping out parts, dealing with temps all over the place, I decided I didn't want to be a Yoder repairman any longer and gave mine away.


Yes GAVE it away.  That's how much I hated it.

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  Thank you for your support.  The Yoder grills are built like a tank.  Just a little more work on their design and engineering and they could likely have the best grill on the market.

  The Yoder factory was very helpful on my first burn-up.

  The Yoder "dealer" is my biggest issue.  He said that since my grill had been rebuilt once that I would no longer get any warranty work done.  It had been determined, through many emails and photos, with the Yoder company that first burn-up was due to un-updated written installation procedure on and upgrade kit.  They were kind enough to totally rebuild it.  I don't this this should have voided my warranty as my dealer said.  

  I only wanted a free bag of pellets (since I had to burn my full hopper dry to prevent more damage), and to be reimbursed for the thermocouple that I purchased ($35) when the grill was 23 months old.  The factory said I had a 3 year warranty on this part and it should have been replaced free.

  I really hated to "give away" an $1099 grill.

  If I owned the company though...  I do think this dealer could use some additional training.

  I mean the Yoder company no harm, but I do think people should be aware of my issues so they can make intelligent decisions for themselves.

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That doesn't sound good. Everything else I've read has been positive. I know they had some issues early on and apparently worked through them but two people giving away a $1k+ grill is pretty bad. 

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It appears grumpy's was a year and a half ago....this guy burnt up 2 hoppers......There are 2 sides to every story, then there is the truth. biggrin.gif Hopefully his traeger wont burn up the hopper. Been there, done thatth_violent5.gif

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Yoder YS 640

Warranty Information

Your Yoder YS640 is fully backed by our exceptional customer support and warranties.

The igniter is warrantied for one year; the 10-gauge cooking body for 10 years and the

control system for three years.

Firmware updates are offered to users through our dealer network and by inquiry to our

website. We will send a handheld programmer on loan and instructions for completing

a firmware upgrade.

For product support contact:


Says here the Igniter is only under warranty for one year..Frustrating spending that kind of money and having problems...Sounds like a bad dealer also

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  It wasn't the igniter that was bad.  It was the "thermocouple" that I was charged for when the grill was 23 months old.  This measures the temperature and sends the information to the controller and therefore I feel is part of the "control" system.

  You are correct above and the igniter has a 1-year warranty.  The "controller" has a 3-year warranty.

  I believe I should "not" have been charged for a replacement "thermocouple."

  I also requested a free bag of pellets since my hopper was full and I ran the entire hopper through to the fire-pot to prevent a total melt-down.  

  My dealer came unglued.  

  I'm done...  No more grill...  New Traeger instead!  Yea!

  And...  I'm by no means wealthy...  or even close.   

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with your Yoder YS640

Yoder is a great company and Don & Joe are great to deal with


If only your dealer was a little more accommodating, you most likely would still be using your Yoder YS640





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I totally agree TJ.

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I understand this is an older topic to bump but I have been considering the 640 for some time now and was wondering what your opinions are today? Has anything changed for better or for worse? Any new owners?
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I have had my 640 for 2 years now and have had zero problems with it. I did the fan upgrade last year and it helped the pellet consumption, but mine was built before this feature was standard.  I think you would be happy with it for a long time.

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Yes, improvements have been made.

A temp probe port has been added 

Improved door hinges. 

the firebox is reenforced.

Check Rob Greens site

He did a review of the changes.


Be shure to check out the wheel mods on this forum.

search key words Yoder 640 wheel mods.

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