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 I did a baby Back rib video that will demonstrate just how well the YS640 slow cooks ribs. This cook was the best ribs I have done so far. I have 17 cooks on it and I'm really becoming attached to this pit. I still have allot of testing to do but so far 2 thumbs up. 



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Those baby backs looked better than anything I've ever gotten at any BBQ joint. The YS640 was really chugging out the smoke during that cook which is always great to see. I've got another question for you though if you don't mind (If I'm starting to annoy you, just let me know).


A few months ago I ordered some spare ribs and brisket online from Kreuz Market in Lockhart Texas where they cook everything "fast" using only oak wood. I bring this up because I could taste the oak wood all the way through the meat, but it wasn't overpowering. The smoke flavor wasn't heavy, but it wasn't light either. It was just right. Would you say that's about how your baby backs turned out?

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Cabin Fever,  That is about what they were like. The pellets are like 60% oak with the remainde being flavored hardwood. Trager pellets use oak and I believe an oil addative. This is why I switched to BBQrs delight pellets. It does chugg out the smoke but in a cyclicle fashion. You will see it smoke for a bit then it backs off the its chugging it out again where a stickburner is more constent. Most folks that cook on them really love them. I do as well but I also like sometimes... A stronger smoke flavor on beef. The Louisiana and the Yoder you can drop chunkc of hardwood in the burn pot if you want some extra smoke. I will be doing this very thing today when I smoke 4 roasts for BBQ beef. I'll drop in some big chunks of Mesquite while I'm burning Hickory pellets. I plan on buying a Yoder Wichita soon. That said, I can tell you now I will do most of my cooking on one of the two Pellet cookers I have.

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I took delivery on my new YS-640 yesterday and just got it up on my deck.  Can't wait to fire it up.  This grill is built like a tank.  Quality is outstanding.


My first pellet smoker was a GMG, and while it did a credible job, it doesn't begin to compare with this Yoder.














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Just got my 640 yesterday Grumpy! Just starting to play with it. What do you find to be the difference between your controller temperature set temerature, and actual pit temp?




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late to the party! 


How are these yoder pellet smokers holding up what do you think of them after nearly a year?

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It varies from 10 degrees to 20 degrees sometimes.  It's aggravating, but as long as you know the difference, it's easy to get used to.  It's all about learning the pit.

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I like mine.  There were some blips at the beginning while the company was fine-tuning the controller and general air flow of the pit, but they kept at it until they got it right.  I'd buy again given the same circumstances.


That said...


I've been through the entire gamut of smokers and pits...  sometimes I long for the early days with my WSM.  For what it is, it's absolutely the best pit for the money anywhere, anyhow.  WSM is rock solid.  Add one of those electronic controls (guru or stoker) and it doesn't get much better. 

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Wife and I got our Yoder YS640 on Tuesday, tomorrow the temperatures are suppose to get over 0º here so we are planning on doing a pre-burn/season and then who knows... chicken, roasts, etc. for the weekend! Here is a link to our introduction of the Yoder with many pics - http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/116571/yoder-ys-640-arrived-yesterday

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Congrats MossyMo!


The Yoder is the best built pellet grill at any price. When you consider the quality of construction, and guage of the steel, and the fact that it weighs approx. 320 lbs. ( vs ~ 150 for comparble other brands) the evidence that you chose wisely is clear. I have had mine for


Now - if you LOVE smokey cooking - install a Smoke Daddy, or use an Amazin Smoker to add more smoke. Pellet grills will not give you the smoke intense flavor that some other types of cookers can do. But - it will do everything else extremely well.

Great choice!





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I bought a Yoder YS480 a few months ago and I love it to death.  However I do have some regrets that I didn't go ahead and buy the YS640.  It does have some nice features the 480 does not have.  I just didn't think at the time I really needed that much more space.  Especially since I purchased the optional upper sliding and removeable rack.  I think that was a mistake on my part, you can always find something else to throw on if there is spare room!  So far, I have not had any problem getting plenty of smoke flavor and smoke ring on my meats, especially beef.  I had rear several people knock pellet smokers in forums for lack of smoke and smoke flavor.  Maybe there is something Yoder has done to overcome this.  With proper care and love this thing should last for many years to come.

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Nice to hear i'm thinking of adding a YS480 to the mix i love my yoder witchita but I would also like the option/ ease of a pellet grill plus you can never have too many BBQ's 



Another question! I know it varies but how long on average does it take to run a full hopper of pellets at 225? 

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  My Yoder YS480 is currently on fire!  I mean the hopper is on fire now for the 2nd time.  The first time it burned for 3 days and the company rebuilt it.  Now it is on fire again.  I'm waiting for 18 lbs of pellets to burn out to see how much damage is done this time.  I have had this grill for approximately 2-3 years.

  It is built like a rock but has problems starting if the glow-rod isn't cleaned before using.  This requires removing the grates and the drip pan.

  I had a "Traeger" for 12 years and it finally wore out but always fired up the first time and worked great.  Since Traegers are now being manufactured in China, I decided to buy USA and buy a Yoder that is built in Kansas.  This turned out to be a bad choice.

  Yoder grills are absolutely built like a tank.  If you don't mind cleaning the ashes off the glow rod before each use, and babysitting it after it is shut down to verify that the hopper doesn't catch fire.  But I do mind!   I am not very happy with a hopper on fire for the 2nd time.

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Have you been given any reason for the fires by yoder?

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hmm  I have not had any problems...maybe brand of pellet,  I do not clean mine after every use.

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The reason for the first burn-up:  Yoder said I did an upgrade incorrectly...  after I emailed them the upgrade instructions they said that the instructions were incorrect and had not been properly updated.  They rebuilt the grill.

The reason for the 2nd burn-up:  Unknown...  it had been working fine for 16 months since the last repair.  About 45 minutes after shut-down my girl-friend asked if the grill should be smoking.  I went to look and the hopper was on fire.  I restarted and burned the entire hopper out and prevented substantial damage.  The Yoder dealer (Robidoux in Lincoln, NE) was very rude and it was obvious I wasn't going to get help from him.  The Yoder factory won't return my calls.  I tried 3 times today.

  I purchased a brand new Traeger today.  Fk Yoder.  This grill goes to the junkyard.

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Sorry to hear about that. 

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After reading your statement in your recent review of the Yoder YS480, I can understand completely why the cooker burned...maintenance is a must for any pellet cooker...I would say this was a self-inflicted issue.

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  As, for your comment that this is a maintence issue.  You were not there.  Your opinion is just that...  an opinion...  or a guess.  Not based on knowledge.

  There was zero wind that evening and the firepot is next to the hopper.  This by itself, I feel, is a risky design.  

  Someday Yoder will have a nice grill.  Its definitely built solid but has some design and engineering issues to work through.

  The YS480 is now gone and I purchased a brand new Traeger Texas grill.  I had one for 12 years with no issues.  

  Problem solved now.  

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1)  My Yoder YS480's pellet hopper caught fire and was rebuilt after 9 months.

2)  The thermocouple failed after 23 months and the dealer (Robidoux in Lincoln NE) wouldn't honor the 3 year warranty.  Cost me $35

3)  The pellet hopper caught fire again after 25 months and Robidoux said your grill was rebuilt once and you get no more warranty repairs.

The Yoder is now gone and I purchased a new Traeger Texas grill.  My previous pellet grill was a Traeger and I had no issues in 12 years.

Problem solved.

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