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Tonight's pulled pork

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Started with a 6 1/8th pound Boston Butt (bone in):




Then started making my rub (top row is 3 TBSP, bottom row is 1 TBSP) the red one in the top is Hot Hungarian Paprika.




A quick run thru the spice grinder:




And then, onto the beautiful butt!




Wrap it in plastic wrap and put it to bed in the fridge for 11 hours:




Into the GOSM at about 250 with hickory at 6:00 AM.  Change the wood every 2 hours. At 4:30 it was at 175 (by redi check 37)


Foiled it and put it back in.  By 6:30PM it was at 202.  Pulled it out, set it on the counter to rest and got the slaw and potato salad out of the fridge.


Here's what it looked like at 6:50PM:




Oh, yeah, the bone pulled clean!





Then I pulled half of it to serve:




Ya know, when your bride takes one bite and says, "Oh Yeahhhh!!!", ya gotta consider it a win!



Thanks for looking.

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Looks like a great job from where i sit.

 If mamas happy everybodys happy

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Let me put it this way:


Your smoked butt is definitely a winner!


And your Bride is a keeper!




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Nice bark, looks awesome, I am waiting for mt butts to get done as I type.

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When your bride takes a bite & says "Oh Yeahhhh!!", you should watch out.  You may very well have to cook dinner when you get home from work, after doing the laundry.


Just kidding.  Just because my wife does that to me does not mean your's will do that to you.  Great looking pork.

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Great lookin butt, even better lookin bark! It's always nice to have that little bit of encouragement from the Better Half!

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nice bark I bet it tasted great


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very nice

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Oh Yeah!! Nice Looking Meat!!  that last shot makes me just want to sit and pick at it from here! no plate needed!

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Nice butt dude
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Originally Posted by realtorterry View Post
Nice butt dude

That just sounds wrong. LOL 



I do have to agree, the PP looks fantastic. Wish I was there and could taste it as well.


Nice Work.

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Nice looking butt!  icon_lol.gif


Something uniquely rewarding about being able to pull the bone out clean when you're making pulled pork.  PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


Great Job!


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Makes me want to do another butt and i just did one a week and a half ago! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Looks great!

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always great to see a nice looking butt

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Great job next time cook 3 instead of 1 and freeze the leftovers makes great BBQ pizza,BBq nachos . Pkerchef

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Is the bottom row of spices: Dry Mustard; Brown Sugar & Galic Powder?  Anyhow, looks fantastic!  Thank you for sharing!

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Yep, that's what they were. Sorry for the late reply

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Nice Job, the Bark looks great...

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