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been gone a while

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going to get back into  smoking , I had a bad round with the gout(both feet lasted about a month) and was staying away from meat .but I love me some smoked meats ssssssooooooo I'm back.  thanks Jeff for the news letters you kept my mouth watering

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Man, that's rough.  sounds like you're doing better.  glad to have you hanging around the family again!

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Welcome back. Sucks about the feet but glad that they are better. Now let the TBS roll.

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Glad to have you back!

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Welcome Back my friend and I'm really glad that you are back so get to some smoking and let us see some Q-view.

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Welcome back cowboy, sounds like things are lookin up for ya. Take care of your self and enjoy the TBS.

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Glad to know you're feeling better, your health is everything. I'll be waiting for your next post. It's all good my friend.

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Happy to hear you are feeling better - glad to see ya back

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