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Texas Red

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Made a big pot of Texas Red yesterday.

9 lbs ground beef and 1 lb of diced smoked brisket.

2 lg diced onions

1 diced bell pepper

4 stalks diced celery

1 1/2 cups dark chilli poeder

1/3 cup cumin

1/2 cup spanish paprika

1/3 cup sugar

1/8 cup red pepper flakes

4 28oz cans dieced tomatos

3 28 oz cans tomato sauce


sautee the vegetables in a little oil till done.

 add ground beef to pot and brown ( stirring every now and then)

Once the meat is browned ,Drain w/ a collander.

Put the meat and veggies back into the pot and add the diced up brisket.

Add all the seasonings and mix well.

add the tomatos w/ juice and stir.

Add the tomato sauce and stir.

 bring to a slow boil ,stirring occasionally.

reduce heat to a simmer ,stir ,cover pot and let simmer for 1 hour. stirring every 15 min.

 According to the clan here. this was the best chilli i have ever whipped up.

The smoked brisket added the perfect ammount of smoke to the pot.

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Nice, but where's the Q-view?  That dish would be perfect on a rainy day like today here in NCal!

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That sounds great eman. Are you serving a lot of people or are you stretchin that chili out? I love having it all week when I make a big batch.

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Based on the list of ingredients, that has to taste positively Bon-A-Roo! It's all good my friend.

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my cooking  just like my smoking is usually done BIG.

 I have allways said that if i do a small batch ,that means i just have to do another small batch real soon.

 Most foods are better after being frozen anyway.

 I really didn't figure that anyone wanted to see a big black pot of chilli bubbling on the stove

hence no q view.

 But the mad scientest in me is thinking about makeing the next batch in the MES . Kinda like doing wicked beans.

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eman, I agree big batches since I have the smoker on the clock. Chili always reminds me of blazing saddles for some reason.

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Originally Posted by meateater View Post

eman, I agree big batches since I have the smoker on the clock. Chili always reminds me of blazing saddles for some reason.

Everyone get back or the "sherrif " gets it.

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I gave a member of a boating forum a recipe for chili,  he emailed  me back to ask how much beans to add.  I told him I quit adding beans to my Chile when I got out of College and found a job.

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Eman your chili sounds great! I think the addition of the smoke will make it rock.  I  just need me some japs or habaneros cause like Rich I am a chili head. Thanks for the recipe

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Oh I will be soooo be trying out your recipe sir, that sounds exactly like what I have been looking for to christen my new cast iron dutch oven over an open fire. Thanks for sharing!

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Now your recipe sounds great there Bob. Now we to made a good pot of chili ourselfs without beans in this household if I have anything to do with it.

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Beans are for cooking dowm in a pot w/ some ham hocks or sausage and served over rice.

Chilli don't have beans.

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We participate in the Houston livestock and Rodeo bbq cookoff every year and make some good TX chili too... aint nothing better!


Nice looking recipe...


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