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5 racks of baby backs and double portion of wicked beans

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Well guys this is my start pic for today's meal, I'm making 5 racks of baby backs along with a double portion of wicked beans(I hope there's some left to freeze out of all this)


here are the ribs all rubbed down and ready to go into the fridge over night(this was last night)




They went in at 8:30am sorry no pics of the inside, I'll take some when they go into the foil.  I'm going for a 2-2-1 with these, Here is the TBS




One of these is for the cook when we complete todays smoke :)




more to come...

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well, foiled after around 3 hrs smoking.  I going to do about 1-1/12 hrs of foiled and maybe one more outside to mop a bit, I don't like to mop that much but  at least once or twice.


here they are after about 3 hrs of smoking...two in the bottom already foiled 3 that I was working on and the beans on top.



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Well it sure looks like your off to a good start. So keep up the good work and the Q-view also.

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Oh Yeah!

That's what I'm talkin' about!!!


Don't forget a pic or two of the inside---sliced, chewed or torn! I don't care! 


That's just the way Bears are!


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thanks guys, Almost there maybe 30 mins more foiled then we start moping.  While I'm waiting I am making ranger's mashed potatoes too :)


there boiling at the moment, I'm going to go buy the half and half to make it nice and creamy

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the finale hehehe


here they are coming out of the foil after 1-1/2 hrs in it.




here they are after an hr unfoiled and ready to eat..




oh no wait here they are ready to eat...some of ranger's mashed potatoes and some kick arse wicked beans




Thanks for looking everyone. hope you guys liked the qview.




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Ya know i love this web site but i have got to quit looking at all this q-view while at way to get nothing to i am hungry.oh by the way nice some ribs

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Looks like they came out good. What was that rub you used?



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That looks great caigular!


And what a nice looking plate!


Except I think it's time to mow your mashed taters! 




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I used a modified  version a jeffs rub, just modified the original a bit to make it have a little more kick.  Been playing with it for years now, I think I got to the point that i'm satisfied with the flavor.  Sometimes when I'm lazy I just buy some rudy's rub and you can't go wrong with that one.


Ohh and Bear I did take care of those pretty quick, mmmmm garlic potatoes, just thinking about it makes me hungry again.

Originally Posted by bmudd14474 View Post

Looks like they came out good. What was that rub you used?



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Great looking grub, and not a bad view in the back yard either!  I wouldn't mind watching the smoker with a crown drink and one of those stogies with that view!


Thanks for sharing

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Delicious.  And good thinking with the cigar, after all shouldn't you treat yourself to a nice smoke?  With the beans and baby backs going, you don't want to feel left out...

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I hope you didn't have to pay for those things....

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Very nice color
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oh why is that? the cigars? they were a gift from a friend on my last trip to Cuba, so no, I didn't pay for them :)

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Great looking ribs. I haven't tried the wicked beans yet. Bet they were awesome.

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I love how the humidor is next to the high chair! haha!


Unless that's not a high chair.  But what other chairs have seatbelts?


Keep smoking!

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