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Hi all it's been awhile. Wish I could make it, came very close this year... We are going to me in NC in April but a week or two too late.


Enjoy it.



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Originally Posted by Pineywoods View Post

I got mine started laugh1.gif

Jerry, I think we need to give you an award for the one with the shortest drivebiggrin.gif


Brian might get the award for the longest trip.. anyone coming from a place further away than California?


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Time to check the tires and bearings on the camper. (WHISPERING) "The wife said she wasnt


going so it looks like I'll be having a good time" sausage.gifbanana_smiley.gifeek.gif

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Anybody that's coming that doesn't have the directions please send me a PM and I'll get them to you. As has been said many times in this thread all members are more than welcome to attend

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We're heading on being only a month out, until the event. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!

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The count down is on!!!!!!!!! Been Looking forward to this all year.

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Originally Posted by BAMAFAN View Post

The count down is on!!!!!!!!! Been Looking forward to this all year.

Me too still lots of stuff to get done around here but I'm working on it


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I need to get an idea of how many people are going to be here on Thursday so we can figure out something for dinner. So if you figure on coming in on Thursday please post it here or PM me

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Well Pilgrim,  that all depends on what's for dinner, I rekon. 



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Me, John, and 1 other guy.

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I Agree with Tim !!

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wont be in till evening on friday.  Gotta work half day.   Grrrrrrr

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Hey piney, Can you tell me what grocery stores are available near the campgrounds so I can plan on what I am bringing and what I am going to get there.....

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We have a Walmart supercenter and a Winn Dixie fairly close and a couple other non chainstore ones too

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It's getting closer but there's still time for people to make plans to attend. We have lots of members from Fl that we haven't met yet but it's really not a bad drive from parts of GA, AL, MS, LA so ya'll come on and join us

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Just came back from Northern Florida Friday.  Was there for 11 days and only had BBQ once((


Sorry I can't make it back down there to the  flat, straight roads & Garage sales again.



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We will probably stop by Thursday after we check into our room and get things squared away.. my plane lands at around 4 PM

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Sounds good Jeff we should have a good crowd here Thursday. I'll get you some directions in the next few days

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