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N. Fl Gathering V

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N FL Gathering dates are April 8,9,&10, 2011  I've gotten a few requests to set the date so people could request vacation time so here it is


Property is just west of Tallahassee, Fl. any and all are more than welcome. Its not a bad drive from a lot of places and is not far off of I-10. We will have camping on site we have lots of space for tents and have power and water for several RV's as well. There is a campground with cabins and many motels not far away too. If you have any questions or need directions just send me a PM. This property is out in the woods but we do have water and power and a few other amenities the camp area is a couple acres of cleared land. Here's a few links to past Gatherings












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Okey Doke,


I'll put it on the calendar.  I'll probably pull the camper this time



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We plan on being there but not much on are radar until after Christmas and a trip back to Missouri for that.  Will keep in touch.


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I hated missing the last one. Putting it on my calendar and will confirm when the date draws closer. 


I will be camping if I can make it.

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we will be there!

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Divorce is finalized. Ex-(Crazy)-Wife is out of the way. Weather should be great!


Hoping to see some familiar faces from two years ago.


Planning on camping.


Also, checked the one potential conflicting event for that time of year and it is the following week.


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 Sounds great Jerry making plans now Thanks

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I'm pretty sure I Tallahassee is not that far of a drive from Augusta, GA. If my health will allow it I will so be there. Will probably camp, but maybe check out the cabin. It's going on the calendar right now!

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I would really like to give this a whirl someday, but not this coming year; starting in May 1 high school graduation, 1 college graduation, 2 weddings in about 5 weeks.  Then in the fall, 1 off to college, 1 off to grad school, and another wedding.


Going to be putting in a lot more hours working this winter.


Hope to see some pics and maybe get there the following year.  1 of the kids is in Gainsville, I bet I could talk the wife into a little vacation.

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Can't believe it's already the 5th Gathering .... definitely looking forward to seeing everyone!

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Here's something to get your brains chugging some smoke for a bit ... what would you like to have prepared that we might not have plated in past years? I've got it on my radar to get some fresh zellwood sweet corn and thought we could give that a try.


Although, nothing will beat Al and Liz's crawdad boil last spring. HOT DAMN was that a treat!!

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Crawfish etoufee???

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I'll talk to the other S. Louisiana members and maybe we can do it again.  April is  good time for two things in Louisiana,  Crawfish and Strawberries.

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I'm all in. Al if you will bring more crawfish, I'll run over and I'll give you a piggy back  to the gathering. I wouldn't miss it for the world. We wil see how I get there thou.

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Bob has graciously volunteered to help with the crawfish duties this year.  The determining factor to me at least will be this winter's weather.  If we get the rain at the right time, and the cold weather at the right time and then the warmer weather at the right time we will have a good year.   It's a lot easier buying those things at $ 1.00 a pound then at 2 or 3 bucks a pound.  Easter is late next year (April 24) so there should be crawfish available.


After Bob razen on me last year and hearing about the high standards he sets for good boiled crawfish, I think I'll ask him to do the boiling duties this time

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HMMMM razzin??  I don't remember such .But i'll be happy to boil . Only one problem , I don't know how to make em mild.

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My experience leads me to believe that you are simply a better cook than I am.  If you can't make em mild it seems that them Bama and Florida people have a problem.

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Crawfish, Gumbo dang ya'll are making this tough  One good thing is that we have lots of time to figure stuff out. I'm thinking maybe I save a whole deer hind quarter or two too.

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I'm planning on coming again this year.  sorry it took me so long to join the club.  Tim sent me the link.  I had a great time last year.

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Originally Posted by BAMAJON View Post

I'm planning on coming again this year.  sorry it took me so long to join the club.  Tim sent me the link.  I had a great time last year.

We'll be glad to have you again, next year Jon! Glad to see ya signed up :)

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