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Practice bird with ABT and Qview

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Brined overnight, and smoked for 5 1/2 hours. 







thanks for the info

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Very nice color! Love the cornbread

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Looks great, I'm trying to figure out if that's a lime half or a lemon half with a tan.  

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Is this your very first? Looks great either way, beautimous color,  What was your brine? And what wood did you smoke with? And most imortantly, got a sliced pic?

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That looks awesome

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Fantastic looking spread you've got going there.

Nice work.

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Very good looking bird and ABT's. Can you give us details on the brine and the smoke time and temp and wood

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That is an orange in the bird with the tan.  The brine is one I "borrowed" from someone on here.  It was;


1cup Kosher salt

1 cup Brown sugar

1 tbs rosemary

1 tbs thyme

4 pressed garlic cloves

2 bay leaves

2 medium oranges sliced


smoked it with lump charcoal and apple chips for about 5 1/2 hours.  put the ABTs on during the last 2 hours.   


That is the first thing I have ever attempted to smoke,  my wife seemed to enjoy it, as did the neighbors.  Looking forward to some leftover sandwiches today, and to doing more in the future.

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Pratice heck. You look like a master to me. GreAT LOOKING bIRD There Get2

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Man that looks great !!

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I'd say you've set the bar pretty high. Well done. That's a good lookin bird!

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Thanks, I hope to learn alot more in the near future.  This sure is a tasty new hobby. 

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Welcome to SMF!  And from Greenville no less!  I'm a Carolina boy myself (also in Greenville), and its great to see another local... just was introduced yesterday to a newbie from Greer... we'll need to have a meet up soon!


BTW, great looking bird, i dont believe for a second that it's your first smoke!


Nice to know you friend.

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Very Very Nice "Get2" !!!


Good idea---"Get me one 2 !"




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yep, that was the first of anything smoked.  Thinking about doing some pork this week.  Just have to see how work plays out. 

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Nice color on hat bird

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First Ever?? biggrin.gif Wow, what a beautiful bird! and your abt's look great, too. What's in them? (gee, we're a nosy bunch, aren't we?)  That looks awesome!!

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Looks awesome and great job :)!!

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Wow.  That is a nice looking bird.  And if I am not mistaken, I believe that is Mac & Cheese under the foil?

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