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Rub Question

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I have noticed in my secret rub that it seems to be hotter now than when i made it, its a little older than i would like to use it, been like three months ago, chili powder and cayenne powder are the only two ingrediants that could have the heat and i didnt put enough to make it hot, Do you pepper heads know if either of the two would get hotter as they aged?

You can smell the heat in the jar as well and couldnt before.

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LOL< Yes cayanne pepper will make your rub a little hotter as it ages .Not the peppers ageing ,but the oils getting into the other ingrediants in the rub.

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well thats good to know, thanks

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Now thats always good to know. Thanks Bob for that tibit of information.

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Also alot of the herbs and seasonings we use do fade w/ age.

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Depending on how it's stored if the humidy level drops and it cake's up it seems to get hotter also, but that's a good thing.

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