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Wanting to smoke a ham for Thanksgiving/ need input

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I have never smoked a ham but thought about doing one this year. I need to know whats a good recipe, what type of wood, what internal temp to reach for etc etc.

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Are you going with a fresh ham or a pre-cooked ham?I have done both,i will inject my hams with butter creole from cajun injector the night before and let it rest in the fridge.the morning or evening before you start up your smoker get the ham out and let it warm on the counter.get your smoker ready.I usually use hickory with hams but apple or cherry would be good too.smoke it to 160 or 165 internal.I have had some smokes go for nearly 14 hrs(I was cooking more than just ham).another thing i like to do is spritz with coca cola,it adds a slight sweet taste.hope this helps

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I would do just like Brian instructed and do just what Pops says. For the man is one of the best here.

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I got two 5 pounders in brine right now, sort of a pre-holiday experement. The link that Bmudd posted about Pops Easter ham is about the best you'll ever find for how to DIY.

If you want to buy a cured ham and smoke it , I'd go with maple or hickory for smoke but thats me . You should do what ever you think you'd like, but I like my hams sweet. Internal temp should be about !55°

There's a million ways to rub them, glaze them, inject them. you just need to see what you like .

Good Luck

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I haven't smoked many hams myself. The last one I did was a spiral and I just spritzed it with apple juice and used hickory chunks. As far as temp I just kept an eye on it since it was already cut. My next one I will spritz with apple juice and myers rum. Don't forget the Qview.

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I have done a few times the one bmudd directed you to and it was GREAT.  Before that I did not even really like ham that much.  Now we keep it around in freezer all the time

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