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  1. How do you know when your hobby becomes an obsession? When you open the fridge, and you see bacon curing, turkey brining, chicken brining, fish thawing, and you are having DT's from not smoking anything for two days...So, Jerky it is :D

    Here is the plan.

    I have a 1.2lb rump steak to cut into 1/4 strips.

    I have Jeffs Rib Rub, and sauce. (yum taste)

    I have Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce).

    Mix all together, allow time to coat, hang coated steak strips in smoker for 2 hours with plum wood smoke (with no water in water tray) at lowest temperature I can get, finish drying in oven...Bobs your uncle...Instant jerky (If the smoking gods are on my side, that is...goopy mess to clean outta my smoker if they aren't)

    Will let you all know/see what happens :D
  2. is there any cure in there ?
  3. [​IMG]


    A picture tells a thousand words....But the shortened version is "Mad bugger Aussie destroys perfectly good rump steak in the name of experimentation" :)
  4. Nope, No cure...I don't expect it to last long enough for it needing to be cured, and once it is dried, microbes should not be an issue (I know it isn't genuine jerky...dried beef with gunky stuff on it, but so far it seems to be working :D)
  5. Ok...The results...Sweet, spicy, crunchy and chewy. Next Time I will be sure to use a more "uniform" sized slice of beef...


    All in all, I am pleased with the results, although some pieces are thicker than others...but this is overall, a success.


    I think the thicker pieces could have done with another hour in the smoker...but they are (I believe) sufficiently dry to inhibit microbe growth, and since I am letting them live in the fridge, and they are beef, I think the chances of being poisonous are very small. Besides, they taste great, and between me and the kids, it is unlikely that they will last more than a day :)
  6. Oh, something that I should mention is that during the smoking/drying process, the weight went from 1.2 pounds, to 8 oz...Lost about half the weight of meat, and that does not include the weight of the "marinade" (glaze/whatever) I coated them in...
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    They look great!

    Nice job!
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    Yepper thats a good sign that your hooked. Now your jerky looks great butthat just opened up some more area for something else in the refrig thou. Maybe some sausages or how about some hot dogs there are good to. Keep up the good work and this whole addiction thing will work it's way out in a 3-6 monthe maybe or it could last for years like it has done with me.
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    looks delicious Thumbs Up
  11. LOL...The piece of steak came straight outta the freezer. I used to smoke the old fashioned way, with wood and half a 44 gal drum, a few years ago, but the drum started to rust, (and I had a lot of visits from the fire brigade, police, council etc), so I had to stop. I was right...the jerky is gone, already, and I have fish in the smoker at the moment...Sausages and hot dogs...Now there's an idea, I can get casings cheap :D
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     I understand.....I'm on my way too......[​IMG]
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    It looks yummy looks more like biltong (south african dry meat) [​IMG]
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    For a "Mad Bugger Aussie" that looks real tasty - great job.  Thanks for the photos.


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