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  1. bbrock

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    Helo to all my smoking friends out there. I think I want one smoker of every kind lol..My wife thinks am nut but anyway.. I have been looking to buy a Vault smoker I made my mind up I was going to order a camp chef 24in vault. I can have it shiped to my door for 360.00 bucks. Then my wife said she seen one on line at walmart.com. And it is a Great outdoors smoky moutain 25inch smoker for 150.00. the dimensions are about the same and the camp chef is 20,000 BTU and the smoky moutain is 18,000 BTU. So this will be the first GOSM. What route to you folks think I should take. Thanks for you time and help..
  2. rbranstner

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    Are you set on a propane ring? What are you going to be smoking for the most part, butts, brisket, sausage? If I knew what I know now I would have built a UDS right away for my first smoker. I love my home build smoke shack for when I do our sausage or when I am going very large amounts of meat at once but if I am just doing a couple of butts or brisket and a few racks of ribs then my go to smoker is my UDS. I have a propane GOSM and I have not used it for over a year. Just something to think about.
  3. mballi3011

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    Now I have both of those smokers the GOSM and the Vault 24" First I'm sure that the smoker at Wally world is a smaller smoker width wise that is. I would go with the Vault 24" for it is wider and you will want that width when smoking things like ribs. You can lay the whole rack flat and you can also got more meat into the vault. Then If I'm not mistaken the vault is made in the USA and the newer GOSM are Chinese made and they don't have the good steal that we do here.

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