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Discussion in 'Pork' started by emsee381, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. emsee381

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    I have been smoking periodically for about a year now, mostly doing chicken and jerky. I have attempted a pork shoulder twice now. They come out good, but I still can't seem to get them correct. I usually end up smoking them for about 12 - 13 hours and always have to finish them in the oven, so they never come out pull apart tender. I am currently using a SFB charcole with lump charcole. I try to keep the temp around 250 degrees. I feel like I have to be missing something. Any help would be great.
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    First off, welcome to SMF-please take a moment and stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself to the rest of the family.

    To the question at hand-

    If you are using the stock thermo that came with the smoker DO NOT EXPECT IT TO BE ACCURATE. The can be off by as much as 50° in either direction. Swap that out with a reliable thermo that you can calibrate. Also using an oven thermo that sits right on the grate will tell you what your grate temps are.

    Take that shoulder to 160°F double wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil with about 1/4 cup of apple juice and place back into the smoker.

    If you plan on slicing that pork shoulder, take it to 190°F. If your are going to pull it, take it to 205°F. Pull the shoulder off the smoker wrap in a couple of towels and place in an insulated cooler for a couple of hours. Unwrap, slice/pull and enjoy.
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    First off welcome to SMF. Would you please go to Roll call an introduce yourself and we can give you the big welcome we like too. Now for your butt I'm not real sure how you are tring to smoke this thing so I'll start at the beginning. Now forst rub the butt and wrap it in saran wrap overnight in the frig. Then start your smoker and smoke the meat till it get to about 165° internal temp (you 2 need a probe thermometer) and then wrap it in foil with no punctures and then backinto the smoker till it reaches about 200-205° and then it into a dry cooler with some towels for atleast an hour more if possible. Then pull it out and it's still hot so be careful adn then just pull it apart and enjoy. So there you go and now go tryit again and see if that helps you and if you have any questions just ask it here and we will answer it.
    So welcome and go smoke something.
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    Welcome to the SMF from a sunny MO! Can't add anything more to what those two just told you as they are dead on correct! Try her again and let us know how it comes out for you!

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    Like these other guys said, you have to make certain it is smoking at the temp you think it is, use an oven thermometer. The stock thermos on both of my smokers are terribly off, my Cabelas smoker reads ~50 degrees high, whereas my Char-Griller reads ~100 degrees low. Then make certain you hit the appropriate internal temps, I always go to 210-215 for pulled pork, then wrap it in towels and put it in a cooler for 1-2 hours. It always just falls apart, especially if it has the bone in.
    Practice makes perfect! Well, that and reading through the forums to get help from others.
    Good luck!
  6. emsee381

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    Thanks for the advice. I have been yellow mustard and a rub. I have never tried wrapping in foil, going to have to give that a shot. I think the biggest problem right now is that I have been using the stock thermostat on my Char-Griller. I am doing some BBQ chicken this weekend for a family cookout. Definitely going to get an oven thermometer to test the actual cooking temp.

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