Weber Grill lid for UDS question

Discussion in 'UDS Builds' started by dbowling, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. dbowling

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    Getting ready to start a UDS build and I was given a large 22 in. Weber grill to use for the top, my question is does the lip on the 55 gal. drum have to be cut off in order for the lid to fit or are there different size drums??... my lid lacks about a half in. from setting right, it looks like if I remove the lip it will fit perfect.
    Also what do you use to cut it off if youve had to do this before?
  2. dbowling

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    Well guys figured it out after searching forum a bit, I took a pair of vicegrips and flattned the lip out on the lid, set back on top of drum and took a hammer and reformed the lip to fit the drum, not totally even all the way around but seems to have a tight seal so should be good to go..
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    Should have kept that kettle for cooking on! Hahaha.... just kidding. I have 3. I have seen guys pop rivet some flashing around the inside of the barrel and then the lid fits right. I tried doing what you did and just had too much leakage. I have used the flat barrel top for 5 years since then and it is just fine unless I have a 25 pound turkey going on. In that case I have learned to spatchcock birds for clearance.You want a real tight seal for when you shut her down. I can close it all up and it is cool to the touch in 15 minutes with perfect coals left for next time.
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