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  1. While looking around on SMF I see the use of the water/drip pan being used while smoking sausage in the MES.  The first batch of sausage I smoked I left the pan in without water and the sausage above the pan did not smoke well.  The second batch I removed the pan and all the sausage took smoke great.  Is there a reason to leave the pan in?
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    The pan diffuses the smoke and heat, roiling it around in the smoker and evening things out.  Put water in it, and you get 2 benefits: temp stability and moisture to keep things from drying out.  Put extra goodies in the water, and some say you will add flavor to your final product.

    Were your 2 smokes comparable in time, smoke generation, cook temps, etc?  There are a lot of reasons why those 2 batches came out differently.
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  3. I agree with temp stability and helpfull moisture, always use pan with water for mine.

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