Vension snack stick question.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by david williams, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey Ya'll,

    I have gotten pretty good at making summer sausage over the last 3 years and decided to make some snack sticks for the duck blind.  I used 21mm collagen casings.  I dried for an hour at 140 with smoke and then raised temp up to 150 and added water pan for about an hour and then to 160, i smoked a good deal of this time as well.  The temperature of the meat seemed to raise very quickly with the temperature of the smoker which is something I am not used to.  The sticks where to 152 degrees in less than 3 hours according to me smokers remote thermometer which has always been pretty accurate.  However, the snack sticks looked raw, they where not shriveled at all and, while they tasted decent, did not have a good smoke taste.  Would someone with more experience care to elaborate as to what went wrong and what could be done to ensure better results in the future? I like a nice shriveled skin with just a little snap to the bite.

    Thanks, David
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    David, I know that you want to dry for an hour or so with no smoke .A wet sausage doesn't absorb smoke well. Not sure about your other issues as my smoker doesn't use a water pan.
  3. Alrighty, I think I just didn't let it go long enough before I raised the temp, ive been reading about some guy smoking at 140 for several hours before raising the temp to finish.

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