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  1. I've been eyeing the ugly drum smokers for quite awhile, but never pulled the trigger since I have a WSM at home and my home-built one at our lake cabin.  However, trips to the lake last summer showed me that my home-built was a little bit small when I was cooking for 10+ people.  We don't have a stove/range at the lake, so the little smoker got tasked with cooking everything at meal times (meat, taters, corn, etc.).  While I did manage to feed us all w/o issue, some extra capacity would have been nice.  I came across a couple of drums at work that were unpainted and bladder lined (SCORE).  I picked up a couple of weber replacement grills for the food rack and fire box, and got to working.  Took about an hour, hour and a half to put together.  

    After I had assembled, I did a dry run seasoning session.

    Keep in mind, it is still a work in progress as there are a couple of things yet I would like to do such as, a ball valve, paint, exhaust stack, tool hooks...

    The stack is just a chunk of pipe I tossed on just because.  I will get a piece of pipe that I can screw into the bung hole.


    Right now, I'm just using some fridge magnets to cover the air holes.  My wife had a bunch left over from a previous business she owned, so I just as well use them up until I decide exactly how I want to regulate air flow.

    The lid came from my aunt's house, it had been out behind her shed for who knows how long.  Obviously it needs a little paint.  Ultimately, I'd like to pick up a dome lid for it.  Found out the weber gauge I pulled off my WSM is bad...maybe I'll get a new one someday.



    I fired it up about 5:30 last night with about 5lbs of charcoal and some hedge sticks.  It took about 30-45 minutes for it to get to 250 (it was extremely windy).  After it settled out and chugged along for a couple of hours, I opened it up to see what it would do.  It got to over 392* (that's as high as my therm unit reads) in less than an hour.  I let it roll for another hour before I shut it down.  I opened it up this morning and was  pleasantly surprised by how much fuel I still had left. :)
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    Looks like a great start!  Amazing what you can create and make it an exceptional, functional unit!  Some nice thin blue coming from it!  Now, chunk it full of meat and let'er rip!  And take lots of Qview before diving in... I know how hard it is to get everyone to back off while you snap the Qview!
  3. Thanks...I know it looks a little rough (it is an ugly drum smoker however), but it seems to work pretty good considering I was having 30mph winds yesterday when I tossed a few burgers on there.


    ...a little thin blue


    I've got 2-8lb butts thawing out now for Saturday morning. :D
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    Looks good to me! Now I'm hungry!
  5. [​IMG][/url][/IMG] [​IMG][/url][/IMG]

    It's amazing what a coat of paint does :)
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  6. pork butt #2 [​IMG]


    The UDS performed wonderfully...  [​IMG]
  8. That looks Amazing!!![​IMG]
  9. Man that looks good...[​IMG]
  10. I am very pleased with how this cooker works, once I get it to the desired temperature, it just stays there, forever it seems.  I cooked a couple of small, corned beef briskets on Saturday.  I put in about 20lbs of charcoal, the briskets cooked fairly quick, but, for the sake of experimentation, I let it burn completely.  After 10 hours of cooking at 250* (briskets were done at the 4.5 hr mark), I opened up the three vents to see how hot it would cook.  It got up to 350-400* and cooked for another 4 hours.  I finally got tired, shut it down and went to bed.  I had less than a pound of charcoal left after running the smoker for 15 hours.



    The sliced corned brisket...it was delicious.

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    [​IMG]congrats on your build that food looks great!
  12. Looks great! Good looking food!
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    Looks like the UDS and the food both turned out great

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