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    I may be a newbie at smoking, but my husband, my church, my family and friends all call me an Iron Chef and keep suggesting I should either open a restaurant (grew up in one, too much hard work!) or write a cookbook. Now, I don't write this to brag but to establish my creds to be able to make this statement.

    The cookbook that comes with a Traeger smoker/grill? Throw it out. It's trash.

    I tried two recipes this weekend, Memphis style Baby Back Ribs and Pulled Pork. Using the Traeger rubs, the 5lbs of ribs smoked for 2hours - they did not tear apart easily even with another hour of smoking. Similar problem with the pork shoulder-- I will be crock pot cooking the slabs of pork cut from the bone after a total of 8 hours of smoking. Neither recipe suggested overnight marinade or brining and the taste test of the rubs and the sauces left me wanting to add lots of other ingredients.

    Stick with Steve Raichlen!

    IMHO , Joan
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    noboundaries Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member husband, my church, my family and friends all call me an Iron Chef and keep suggesting I should either open a restaurant (grew up in one, too much hard work!) or write a cookbook.

    Twice I've turned hobbies into responsibilities.  All it did was ruin my hobbies and take away the fun.  I won't do that with cooking, which I love to do, consider a hobby, and find creative and relaxing.

    Now the cookbook idea, that's been fun.  I've done that but not to publish.  First time I did one was a fundraiser for a co-worker battling cancer.  The cookbook I have now I've worked on for more than two years, regularly updating it with recipes to pass to family and friends.  I use an inexpensive and easy-to-use software called "The Living Cookbook."  $35 Amazon.  It is filled with recipes when you receive it but you just create a new cookbook and insert your own recipes, easily building chapters.  It is fun to use.  I just checked "Ray's Cookbook" and found the current count is 355 recipes and 15 main chapters, one of which is dedicated to smoking, BBQ'ing, and grilling.  That chapter alone is 108 of my 355 recipes.  Check with me next week and it will probably have changed.           

    I don't have the Traeger or their cookbook, but only two hours for BB's?  Makes me wonder what their author may they been smokin'? 
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    Do a search here for the 2-2-1 and 3-2-1 methods for ribs. 2-2-1 for BB, 3-2-1 for spares and beef (BSR).

    Lots of good info on how to get good ribs. I myself prefer to cook them straight through without foiling, but on occasion I will foil. Typically I don't marinate ribs. And with almost all of my smokes now I season right before I put the meat on. Keep in mind that those time frames are guidelines that work for smokes around the 225-250 temp range and may need to be adjusted.
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    Oh yeah one more thing. The Traeger
    Likes to cycle the heat more than charcoal or stick burners. Nature of the beast I guess. My cousin loves his but he does have to watch where he puts stuff in it. His gets some pretty drastic hot and cold spots. A good digital therm is a must have.
  5. Thanks, dirt sailor, good info! I think Petunia has a digital control therm, at least the readout is digital. But nowhere in the manual do they ever use that term!
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    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Yes your Traeger is digitally controlled. But what you need is a therm that you can check your pit temp with, such as a Maverick ET 732, ET 733, iGrill etc. stock controllers and therms are notorious for being not accurate. And since there is no way to remove them to check having a separate unit is a must.

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