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  1. I have the basic $12 digital thermometer and am satisfied with it. However, we are having Christmas this weekend and all I asked for was a $30 wireless, which I am getting. Are they reliable or just so so for the money? I will get the gift receipt with it and could exchange it and trade up for a little more money. I dont know what all the goodies arethat I could get on a thermometer other than the wireless but dont want to have to have one I cant trust. 
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    Is it a dual therm ? one probe for the meat and one probe for the smoke chamber ? If not... I would look into the Maverick ET732

  3. I dont belive it is adual therm. Just has the wireless remote and the the probe.  I might look into a trade up or a return. and upgrade.
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    I have a Maverick and a Taylor thermo meters. They are both good and pretty acturight to. Alot of folks from here swear by the Mavericks but I'm still using the Taylor with no real problems with it at all. So to me it's a good unit and you can always buy a new probes to if you need.

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