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  1. I'm currently working on a coumpound and there is a big brick grill with a smoker attached to the side that look as though she's been neglected some in the past few years. I'd like to revamp it (at least the smoker portion) if possible. I've currently got a MES 30 that I use a ton when I'm home but we've got some venison sausage were gonna do up next week so I'd like to get this girl running good. What would be my best option for heat, coals/ wood. I've got a tube smoker if it would be better just to run coals. Would it be better to run racks or just to hang from sticks? I don't have much experience with brick smokers so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll attach pics. Thanks
    That second pic is of the roof of the smoker. One of the bricks fell out.

  2. Hello.  I am NOT your man for brick smokers but I have sent the link to "THE" brick smoker man.  He has not been online for 2 weeks; maybe he is on vacation but I feel certain he will get back to you.  GREAT guy with a lot of knowledge.  Keep Smokin!

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    Go with coals or you could use a propane burner in the bottom portion and use the tube smoker for the smoke. I would also hang the sausage on sticks inside, you should be able to rig up something to support the sticks easily. Even some sort of wood frame would work.

    My take on the the way that is a nice smoker. Hope to see you get it up and smokin
  4. Thanks guys for the replies. Much appreciated.
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    Good evening Smoke,

    I've been away for a while.    Please understand.

    I see  tbs rolling from what you have.   The set up is simular to what I have.   

    Being there is nowhere to put the racks, you could build a free standing rack system into it.   The opening between the fire box and smoke chamber can be baffled down with steal plates to knock the heat down.   Slide a water pan on top with about 1/2 in.  opening on the sides.  With a fire under it,  its all the heat you need coming through.   

    One question,   I can see the brick out of the top, but how big of an opening is going out the top?

    I love this.   Its a perfect wood smoker, with a little TLC.  

    Here is a link to my smoker.  Its a complete build.   Some of the info later on may be helpful.  Also, if you go into my profile,  I believe you can view all my photos.  There is on that show how to baffle the bottom off over the  firebox.

    Sorry for the delayed response.   I take pride in this page.  As a group we can do awesome things.   

    If you have questions, I'll be glad to answer the best I can.

    Here is the link to my build.

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