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  1. Wanted to try some stuffed pork loins for Christmas to go along with a spatchcocked turkey in the oven (worked great, right on the rack at 425* with a pan underneath, after skin was crispy golden, cut temp to 350* to take to an IT of 165*), which was a last minute deal as we couldn't find our electrical cord for our oil less fryer, oops.

    Glad I did this as it was very good and a hit with my family.

    I didn't cut the loin so great, but it worked just fine. I trimmed the fat off and cut the whole loin in 2 pieces.

    Bacon wrapped them both and 1 was filled with stove top pork dressing (yeup, I like the stuff) and apple pie filling, the one with the sliced apples. The other was filled with the dressing and shredded colby and monterray jack with a little bit of cream cheese so the package said. Made a mistake and forgot to put rub on loin before wrapping, so put on the top, worked okay, but will remember to rub the loin 1st the next time.

    Took a little longer than expected, because they were filled so much I'm guessing, about 3 1/2 hours with apple and cherry wood at about 235* with water in the pan. Once IT got to 130*, I upped temp to 325* to crisp the bacon up. Took to 142*, foiled and rested for 30 minutes.

    Here's the Q:

    Rolled out:

    Apple filling, didn't take one of cheese filling:

    Wrapped and tied. Not the best tie job, but it worked fine:

    A little over stuffed apple:

    A little under stuff cheese:

    And on the plate, with some green bean casserole and turkey:

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    :Looks-Great: good job!!

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