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  1. Well folks; the weather is starting to change.  We had a horrible winter.  I had plans to finally finish a build I started a long time ago but who wanted to be in that rainy mess.  So who has what planned for the near future?  Pictures guys!  Inspire us all!  Keep Smokin!

  2. Morning Danny.

    I'm planning on totally changing my garden smoking area this spring by converting an old brick built shed to a "smokehouse" of sorts. It will have an adjoining wood shed and prep area. I'm going big this year as I will finally own my house so can start making some big changes. Pictures to follow.

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  3. smokin monkey

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    Spring is here and Danny has come out of hibernation 👍😀
    Got plans myself for a permanent BBQ hut.

    Wood gazebo arrived and erected yesterday, patio slabs on order should arrive this week. BBQ table made, waiting for Granite top to arrive for my two Kamando Ceramic ovens.

    Full pictures to follow.
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  4. euromir

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    Well as my garden looks like a wasteland of mud i need to get that sorted, and then the UDS needs some TLC and rebuild as per my other thread..
  5. Hello.  Sounds great guys.  Remember the pictures!  Keep Smokin!

  6. smokewood

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    WOW, that sounds impressive, I can't wait for the photo's
  7. smokin monkey

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    This is the cabinet for the Kamando Ovens. Small one on the left, large one on the right. Granite worktop ordered today, only just go over the shock of the cost of it.

    Doors should be here tomorrow.
  8. molove

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    Is a Kamando Oven a Green Egg for the SAS?  [​IMG]  
  9. smokin monkey

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    Kamando!!! Kamado is a Green Egg on the Cheap!
  10. smokewood

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    Impressive looking cabinets Steve, we just need a bit of decent weather and then we can all enjoy a bit of outdoor living.
  11. I'm replacing my old and well used original barrel smoker with an argentine brick built parilla grill...

    Looking forward to grilling up some big old chunks of beef gaucho style


  12. smokin monkey

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    Hi Marcus, they look like a big hot grill! I've got a Portuguese Piri Piri spit oven that would be good for that.

  13. Looks like I need to up my game somewhat. 😯
  14. Hi guys!  WOW!  Lookin GREAT!  Sounds like I just need to get a PLAN.  This cold wet winter stuff just takes it out of me.  I'll get moving soon.  Keep posting guys!  Keep Smokin!

  15. ewanm77

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    this weather is great had the smoker on a lot recently and looking forward to the offset arriving any time soon
  16. EWAN!  Hey buddy!  An offset coming?  They are not the easiest to control but I have faith in ya.  I used one for YEARS!  If I can help you let me know.  PM me or give me a call.  Keep Smokin!

  17. ewanm77

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    I'm running the weber mostle up wood now so I thought a stick burner might be the way to go its a oklahoma joe ive ordered

     danny I pm'd you
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  18. I'm opting for an offset smoker this year as my UDS fell victim to the weather over winter so I had to retire it 😢.
  19. Hi guys.  Just sayin,  offsets are a new  "kettle of fish".  They are GREAT and once you get 'em sorted you will be fine. I used one for about 20 years so if you find you are having trouble; shoot me a PM.  Keep Smokin!

  20. wade

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    Hi Ewan - Which one are you getting?

    As Danny has mentioned the technique you use with in an offset is different to that of a kettle. The bigger the offset (as a general rule) the easier it is to use - as the walls are thicker and the temperatures are generally more stable and controllable. With most offsets you will see a temperature gradient along the cooking chamber - with the hottest end being the nearest to the firebox. Reverse flow smokers have less of a gradient. Once you have got to grips with this in your particular offset then you will be well away. When smoking for any length of time you may need to turn the meat round once or twice to ensure that it cooks evenly.

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