Spatchcock Chicken Jamaican Jerk Wings & The Sausages That Flew Too Close To The Sun

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  1. This started out as a spatchcock chicken smoke, but last week while I was planning my menu, I read Scarbelly's Jamican Jerk Wings recipe and I said, man, that sounds good!  And since I never like to smoke without throwing a sausage or two in there, I got a Nathan's Beef and Pork Keilbasa

    Thanks,Scarbelly, for the wings recipe and the pointers!  These are the fully jerked wings getting the crispy skin treatment on the gas grill after their leisurely three hour smoke.


    The smoker was packed, and the only place for the keilbasa was right next to the firebox.  It was a little too close, evidently, because about half of the keilbasa was cooked nearly to charcoal.  LOL!  It looked like one of those deep fried 'ripper' hot dogs.  Actually, the parts that aren't carbonized are pretty darn tasty, even overcooked as they are.

    Here's a look at the keilbasa.  Half was perfectly fine, And half of the overcooked side was salvagable,  But 25% went up to the smoker god in the sky.


    This is Icarus before the flight:


    Now, I'm backing up to the beginning, for the rest of the Q view"

    Here's what I started with.  I'm smoking this bird spatchcock style.  I'm not actually serving the chicken tonight.  I plan on using the meat to make smoked chicken soup later this week.

    I brined the chicken overnight in Slaughthouse Brine.

    I don't know why this chicken is doing a headstand.  Maybe it wanted to be Beer Can Chicken.  Tuff luck, birdy, it's the spatchcock for you!


    The same bird, with its backbone detached.  I'm trying some McCormick Montreal Chicken seasoing on the bird.  I covered the backbone and neck in the jerk marinade I used on the wings.


    I didn't know if I would be able to handle the heat of the jerked chicken, so I marinated some overnight, some for just a couple hours this morning, and the remainder I doused with the Montreal Chicken seasoning.

    Left to right, Montreal, two hour marinade, overnight marinade.


    This package of Jimmy Dean I had in the fridge caught wind of what was going down and insisted on joining in:


    By the way, I'm smoking on good ol' almond wood.  Here's what's giving up the thin blue today:


    I'm always irked when I put in too big of a piece of wood and I end up wasting it.  This piece was just right for a chickem smoke.  It was about the size of my forearm, from wrist to elbow.

    Here's a peak inside the firebox.  I'm buring lump charcoal for heat.


    Here's what it looked like when everyone jumped in the pool.  The firebox is on the left. You can see the precarious position the keilbasa was in. 

    Left side of the grill:


    Right side of the grill:


    Here's that chub of Jimmy Dean.  I'm planning on making some sausage gravy tomorrow morning with this here sausage.


    I moved the wings to the gas grill to crisp up the skin, and served them for lunch.  Man, those were some tasty wings!   Thanks again, Scarbelly!

    This was my first time smoking wings, and I can't wait to do them again!


    Jerk close up


    Right after I served these wings I discovered that three is an insufficient number of wings for a serving.


    After a quick lunch, the chicken came out of the smoker, took a look at those wings and insisted on getting the crispy skin treatment, too.  So over it went onto the gas grill.  I don't know why I never did this before.  Oh, wait, yeah I do.  I was TOO LAZY to walk over 8 feet and press the auto-igniter on the gas grill.  I suppose I didn't think it was worth the trouble.  Boy was I wrong.  A little time on the grill and that skin is delectable!

    Here's the chicken fresh out of the smoker.  It was in for about 4 hours, averaging 225-250.  Very easy to control the fire today.  I didn't think I'd ever be able to say that.


    Hey, what the heck?  Looks like I didn't get a shot of the bird with the crispier skin.  Oh well, here's the backbone and the onion I smoked.  The backbone is in the stock pot right now, building my base for tomorrows smoked chicken soup.  I'll save the onion to add to the soup.  I'll Q view the soup project separately.


    Thanks for looking in!  Hope you enjoyed the Q view!
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  2. africanmeat

    africanmeat Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    It looks lik a nice feast well done (and the smoker gods are happy)
  3. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Looks Great Old Pal !!!

    Sorry about that 25%, but the other 75% was awesome!!!   

    Nice Bird-meat & Fatty too!!!


  4. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Great looking grub except for the mishap. It happens. 
  5. realtorterry

    realtorterry Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Man those wings look off the hook! Were they as hot as you thought? Hard to believe you get enough heat with such a small fire?
  6. Just added the final shots.

    Thanks, africanmeat!  It seriously was a feast!  [​IMG]
    Thank you very much, Bearcarver!  That keilbasa was great for snacking on while waiting on the wings.  Boy howdy!

    Yeah, this is the 2nd time I've tried a nekkid fatty.  I really love the stuffed version, but sometimes all you need is the smoked sausage itself.  Like for the sausage gravy.  [​IMG]
  7. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Actually I thought it all looked good but I'm kinda weird, I like my sausages a little burnt...[​IMG]
  8. smokinal

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    I like my sausages burnt too. It all looked good to me!
  9. Thanks,  meateater!   Much appreciated!   [​IMG]
    Thanks,  realtorterry!   The wings weren't too hot after all.  They WERE off the hook!  Next time I'm buying WAY more wings.  I can see how they'd be a huge hit at a party.  My wife was impressed that the meat was not over smoked and it was falling off the bone.  

    That firebox shot was from the very beginning of the smoke.  I use about a dozen regular briquettes in my chimney to get the lump charcoal going (and to cheaply bring the whole smoker up to operating temp).  The briquettes give off a lot of heat, so I don't need to put on much lump in the beginning to get to 225 degrees.  Later, when I'm burning just lump the fire pile gets larger as I'm periodically adding additional pieces of lump.
    Thanks, Beer-B-Q!  I really appreciate the comment!  [​IMG]

    Thanks, SmokinAl!  By the time the chicken came off, all that burnt sausage was gone!  First time I tried the Nathan's Keilbasas.  Very good sausage!  [​IMG]

  10. otis857

    otis857 Smoke Blower

    Man, that looks great!! I've got to try some smoked, Jerked chicken. I love Jerked meat as long as it isnt lip burning spicy. The smoking should add that much more flavor to a great recipe. Curious, did the overnight marinade turn out much hotter than the 2 hr marinade? I didnt think chicken took to marinading very well and Im a wuss when it comes to super hot & spicy. Medium salsa is about my limit.

    Thanks for the Q view
  11. raptor700

    raptor700 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Great smoke my friend,

    You gotta keep the "Smoke Gods" happy[​IMG]

    Thanks for the Qview[​IMG]
  12. Finally got a look at this. It looks awesome. The kielbasa is a little burnt for my taste but a great effort. [​IMG]
  13. Thanks, Otis857!   Surprisingly, I didn't notice all that much difference in the pieces I marinated overnight compared to the ones I soaked for a couple hours.  Also, I don't think I mentioned it, but I wimped out a little and only used one habanero (instead of the 2 the recipe called for).  [​IMG]

    Funny thing about marinades and brines for poultry  I've read some people that say a couple hours is all that's necessary, and others say 12, or as many as 48 hours.   Guess it comes down to a personal preference/what works best for you kind of thing.
    Thanks, raptor700, my good friend!  You're certainly right about keeping the Smoke Gods happy!  And, really, the Q view is almost as fun to do as the smoke!  Glad you enjoyed it!  [​IMG]

    Thanks, much, alelover!  It was sort of disappointing to lose part of the sausage, but the non-charred side of the keilbasa was still delicious.  [​IMG]

    Some people who have my type of smoker modify them so the heat from the firebox is diffused better and you have more even cooking.  But since I have no mechanical skills whatsoever (not to mention my level of laziness which nearly approaches the level of government workers), I don't think I'll ever get around to that.  [​IMG]   
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  14. scarbelly

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    It all looks great man. Glad it all worked out for you

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